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Meet JP

A proud Arizona resident since 2006, I have grown with Tucson through my work in our community. I’m committed to bring meaning and connection to all of our residents. I’m running for House of Representatives to ensure Southern Arizona becomes prosperous and successful.

I have first-hand experience in the importance of both a strong, educated workforce and the cost of doing business. By day I bridge Tucson to international economic development through my work at Global Chamber. By night, I incubate young minds through a mentorship program that teaches students 11-16 years old how to start their own business with Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

A dynamic leader, I can show off Tucson’s beauty and accomplishments to any visitor, but I’m keenly aware of the issues that trouble my district. Throughout my career, I’ve held several leadership roles. My experiences as an entrepreneur, political strategist, lobbyist, public relations consultant, and economic development executive director give me the skills to connect, convene, and resolve matters of concern in a calm and efficient manner.

I’m running for House of Representatives to ensure Southern Arizona rises to success by running lean and agile government. We must be mindful of how we disburse our greatest resources, time and money, to minimize waste and maximize impact. Two main indicators of success are perseverance and discipline.

I will bring both to the Capitol.

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