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Focus on Literacy

Have you thought about what you want Tucson to look like in 2020?

I support high-quality schools and access to a wide variety of educational opportunities for our children. Arizona must have an education and workforce development environment that produces globally competitive workers and serves as both an engine and a magnet for further economic growth. We can strengthen family after-school support, and reward teachers who generate student success. I know we can improve Arizona’s K-12 finance formula to promote reforms that ensure that our top-performing schools have the ability to expand and replicate. Too many of Arizona’s kids are stuck as families attempt to get them into better schools – let’s make every school an excellent choice while preserving the choice parents can make where to send their children. While I support choice in schools, we need stronger oversight to ensure taxpayer dollars are not squandered. I support the University of Arizona as the flagship university of Southern Arizona, as well as Pima Community College for their alternative education centers. I am in favor of examining and reducing Arizona’s incarceration of children for non-violent offenses. Behaviors of our children that indicate high risk for substance abuse, violence, and suicide must be addressed before we lose them.

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