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Stronger Local Economy

Have you thought about what you want Tucson to look like in 2020?

We can increase economic self-sufficiency and reduce poverty by way of economic diversification, quality early education, and workforce development focused on retaining young professionals. I will support measures to decrease poverty and reliance upon the state to assure the economic well-being of our communities. To achieve these ends, I support state budgeting that maintains dedicated funds for their intended purposes, such as transportation funding, and restores dedicated funds that have been diverted to help balance the state budget. We need to keep our best and brightest young adults in the state with job opportunities that reflect their skills and interests. I will advocate for measured use of the “Rainy Day” fund and reexamination of not only state agency budgets, but also of our capital construction and savings policies. At the center of any of our decisions must be the people of the state. It’s through investment in our people and finding pathways to higher wage jobs aligned with employer needs, that we will grow.

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